Condover Hall Blog


7.55am Friday 19th October 

Good morning. We have had another good nights sleep and are now up and getting the final bits of packing done and stripping the beds. We have a later breakfast this morning and we need to be out of our accommodation block as soon as we are finished. We have our last lot of activities and then some free time followed by lunch before leaving at around 12.30pm. We will keep in contact with school how our journey is going and our expected time of arrival.

9.25pm Thursday 18th October 

So it’s the end of our last full day at Condover and it’s been another good one.  This afternoon we have done laser maze and grid of stones, low ropes, team challenge and orienteering. The children have shown that they are not only brave but they are also quite good at problem solving, when they work together. After activities we had tea which was pizza and wedges or lasagne followed by coconut and vanilla cake with cream.  After tea we came back to the accommodation and started to pack our bags before going off to our final evening activity. At campfire we sang songs and had the chance for the children to show off their talents, there were some very interesting performances ranging from singing to jokes to impressions. We are now back in the accomdation and all settled ready for a good nights sleep before coming home.

1.00pm Thursday 18th October 

It has been another fabulous morning, including some lovely warm sun.  We have had 2 activities as usual, which have included laser conquest, trapeze, orienteering and sensory trail. There are some very muddy clothes after the sensory trail where the children are blindfolded and follow a trail through the muddy woods.  We have just been for dinner where we had chicken nuggets, herb potatoes or pulled pork bap.  We are now refuelled and ready for our next lot of activities.

8.40am Thursday 18th October 

Good morning. It’s a cold and crisp day here. We have had another good nights sleep.  We had an early breakfast at 7.30am of scrambled eggs, beans toast and waffles with golden syrup.  We are now getting ready to start the days activities.

8.50pm Wednesday 17th October 

Its been another fun afternoon, with another variety of activities including buggy build, sensory trail, orienteering, team challenge (which is team building activities) and trapeze, where the children climb a telegraph pole, stand on a platform at the top and then jump to catch a trapeze. Once again the children have completely thrown themselves into what they are doing.  We then had time for showers and relaxing before a slightly later tea of sausage, mash, Yorkshire pudding and onion gravy or fish a fingers and mash followed by cholcolate ice cream.  Then it was straight into our evening activity of run around quiz, where the children have to answer questions by finding the answers around the site. It was great fun and did a good job of tiring them all out.  We are now all settled in bed ready for a good nights sleep before our last full day tomorrow.

1.05pm Wednesday 17th October 

We have had another great morning of activities, again all the groups have done different things such as abseiling, tunnelling, climbing, buggy build and sensory trail.  Some of the children have amazed themselves by what they have been able to do and we have had some very proud moments seeing them do more than they thought they could.  We then went to dinner and had chicken and chips or pasta and sauce followed by melon.  We are now just having a bit of a break before our next of activities.

8.50am Wednesday 17th October 

Good morning. We have had a good nights sleep, we were much earlier settling last night as the activities really tired us out.  We have had a slightly later breakfast today of eggs, beans, toast and pain au chocolate.  We are now getting ready for our first activities and another fun day.

9.10pm Tuesday 16th October 

We’ve had a great afternoon doing another set of different activities including abseiling, climbing, archery, fencing and grid of stones.  The  children have all had a fab time and really pushed themselves in what they were able to achieve. Mrs Diskin has proved herself to be good with a bow and arrow and has been the only teacher to shoot a bullseye so far. After activities we went for tea, which was burger and chips followed by doughnuts.  We then had bit of time for showers before our evening activity of cluedo, Billy banana had been murdered and the children had to find clues to find out who the murderer was.  2 of the suspects were Alex apple (played by Mr Sanderson) and Chris carrot (played by Mr Gregory) after lots of deliberation and questioning it was revealed that Chris carrot was the culprit.  We are now back in our rooms getting ready for bed, everyone looks very tired tonight, especially the teachers, but we are all looking forward to another great day tomorrow.


1.00pm Tuesday 16th October

We have had a fantastic morning, the sun even came out for a bit.  We have done a variety of activities including aerial trek, which is like an obstacle course at the height of a telegraph pole. Everyone had a good go even if they only got to the top of the tower.  We have also done fencing, buggy build and archery. After a full morning we have just had a fab lunch of sausage roll, croquette and beans or bbq chicken with jacket potato followed by melon and orange.  We now have a bit of free time to chill out have a rest and relax before another full afternoon of activities.


8.45am Tuesday 16th October 

Good morning. We have all had a good nights sleep and have been for a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, beans and toast. We are now getting ready for our first activity of the day. The weather is looking ok at the moment so fingers crossed it stays that way.


9.15pm Monday 15th October

We have had a fantastic first day,although the weather could have been better.  We had a great journey down , only a few small hold ups.  When we arrived we were shown straight to our accommodation and given a site tour and got into our activity groups to decide on team names. We have chosen some interesting names including the Yorkshire Puddings and Red and White ninjas. After we sorted out our teams we had our lunch then it was on to our first activity. 2 of the groups did conquest which is basically laser tag in a blow up arena, 1 group did fencing and the other did buggy build.  After our activity we had tea which was either pasta bolognaise or spicy chicken wings, followed by butterscotch angel delight with Oreo cookie crumbles on top, it was lovely.  We then had a bit of time to unpack before the evening activity which was a general knowledge quiz in our teams. We did ok although one person said that earth had 3 moons and another said that ice does not float – looks like we need to do some extra science lessons when we get back.  We are now settling down to sleep, there are lots of tired looking children so we are hoping for a quiet night – fingers crossed.

2.50pm Monday 15th October

Coach has arrived safely. Full update to follow later this evening.

8.15am Monday 15th October

Good morning and welcome to the Condover Blog. Coach is scheduled to depart at 11.30am. We’ll let you know as soon as they get there safely.