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  • 2017 Y6 – Condover

14:00 Friday 6th October

Coach is well into its journey home. Expected to arrive back at school between 3.30pm and 4.00pm at present but dependent on traffic. We will update more as soon as hear anything.


8.20am Friday 6th October

Good morning. We have all had a good nights sleep and we have now packed up ready to go. We are just off to breakfast before the final activity. I will keep in touch with school regarding our arrival time.

9.00pm Thursday 5th October

We have had a great day today, it’s been so jam packed I didn’t have time to do an update earlier.  We have done a variety of activities today including orienteering, fencing, initiative and exercises and sensory trail. For sensory trail we had to follow an obstacle course while blindfolded, it meant working together as a team and helping each other, which they did really well.  We have had some great food today, it was a pasta bar for lunch with the choice of carbonara, Bolognese or tomato sauce and for tea it was beef brisket or pizza and potatoe waffles followed by coconut cake and cream, all of which was lovely.  After tea we spent some time packing up our suitcases and tidying our rooms ready for tomorrow.  Our evening activity was cluedo, Billy the banana had been murdered and the children had to play games to get clues about who did it, where it happened and what the murder weapon was.  There were several suspects including Chris carrot, Alex apple, Kelly ketchup, Harry hotdog, Charlie chilli (Miss Lane) and Max mustard (Mrs Schofield).  The children were great and worked out that it was Harry at the allotment with the cactus.  We are now packing the final bits before settling down ready for a final activity and then home.  It should be a quiet weekend for everyone as the children (and staff) are shattered.

8.30am Thursday 5th October

We have all had a good nights sleep, despite the wind and rain.  We had an early breakfast today so we are all full of beans, toast, scrambled egg and waffles with syrup.  We are now having a bit of time to get sorted, tidy our rooms and make sure we are wrapped up warm for the days activities.

9.30pm Wednesday 4th October

We have had great fun tonight. Our evening activity was egg protector, for this the children had to answer questions and earn ‘money’ which they could use to buy boxes, packing and sellotape in order to protect their egg.  Once the protection was prepared they were thrown off from the top of the climbing tower to see which eggs survived. The children were really pleased that all their eggs made it, because they were able to crack the eggs over one of the instructors heads. We then came back had showers and we have now settled down to sleep ready for our final full day of activities.

6.30pm Wednesday 4th October

We have had another brilliant day. The weather has been great today, we had a small shower but we were having too much fun to notice.  We have done lots of activities today including gladiator wall (where the children had to climb up 2 logs, a pole, a cargo net and then some tyres to reach the top log, when they got to the top they had to shout I’m a gladiator hear me roar), orienteering, low ropes, laser maze and grid of stones, and aerial trek, which is basically an obstacle course at the height of a tower.  There were a few very nervous people, but everyone at least went up the tower and many got all the way round even though they were really scared, including Mrs Schofield.  We have just had a lovely tea  of sausage, mash and Yorkshire pudding followed by frozen strawberry yoghurt. We are having a bit of chill out time now before our evening activity of egg protector.

8.00am Wednesday 4th October

Good morning. We have all had a good nights sleep and are ready and raring to go for breakfast and our day of activities. It’s quite chilly here today but dry and should stay that way for the rest of the day – fingers crossed.

9.05pm Tuesday 3rd October

We had a lovely tea of burgers and chips followed by donuts and yum yums. After tea we had some time to chill out and prepare our talents for campfire. At campfire we sang songs and did our talent show, we had a variety of talents from joke telling to singing to karate demonstrations, they really are a talented bunch.  We have just got back and are now having showers before bed.  There are lots of tired faces so we are pretty sure we will have a quiet night before another full day tomorrow.

5.00pm Tuesday 3rd October

We have had an amazing day.  All the groups have done a variety of activities including climbing, tunnelling, fencing, archery and abseiling. All the children have given it a go even if they were a bit nervous to begin with, some of them are really overcoming their fears and surprising themselves about what they can do. We had a great lunch of jacket potatoes or hot sausage roll and croquets followed by melon.  We have campfire tonight and they have been asked to think of some talents they can show off, so that should be interesting. We are just having a bit of a rest before tea, even though we are eating lots we all still seem to be hungry by the time the next meal comes around. I will update again before bed.

8.30am Tuesday 3rd October

We had a good first nights sleep, everyone was settled by 10pm.  We had an early breakfast this morning (7.25am) so we were up bright and early and we’re now full of beans, bacon, toast and cereal. We are just getting ready before heading out for our first activity. Will update at lunch time.

9.00pm Monday 2nd October

We have had a great first day, when we arrived we were shown to our rooms and then we got into our groups.  Our first job in the groups was to come up with a group name, some of them were very strange   After that we had a site tour and got to see all the places where we would be having our activities.  Then it was on to our first activity, 3 groups went to laser quest, 1 group did abseiling and the other did climbing.  It was great fun and everybody had a go and overcame their fears of heights, even Mrs Diskin who very nearly got to the top of the climbing wall.  We then came back to the rooms and had some time to unpack and get sorted before tea.  The choices for tea were pasta and meatballs or barbecue chicken followed by strawberry and whites chocolate cheesecake, it was delicious and we were all full except for Mr Sanderson who managed to eat 2 desserts and 4 bananas.  After tea we had a bit more time to unpack before our evening activity of Run around quiz – for this we had to find answers to questions by running around the site in our groups. Some of the groups did this really well whereas others struggled to run for more than a minute, but we all had great fun and managed to tire ourselves out.  We are now back in our rooms and are starting to settle down to sleep ready for a full day of activities tomorrow.


2.15pm Monday 2nd October

We have just arrived. Off for something to eat and to settle in before starting activities. Full update later on.


 9.15am Monday 2nd October

Good morning and welcome to the Condover Blog. Coach is scheduled to depart at 11am. We’ll let you know as soon as they get there safely.