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2018 Y4 at Thornbridge Blog

Friday 16th March – 2.00pm

After a busy morning of packing, tidying and more activities, Y4C are safely on the coach and are currently reflecting on a fantastic trip. We have had a fun filled few days where we have shown independence, resilience, perseverance, determination and a heap of teamwork. We have done things which we thought were impossible at the start of our trip, we have grown as individuals and as a team, we have created memories which we’ll cherish forever and we have laughed, laughed and laughed! What a fabulous trip!

Although we are sad to leave, we are looking forward to seeing our adults and giving them big cuddles.

Thornbridge you have been great!

Friday 16th March – 8.30am

Y4C have woken up and are currently devouring a wholesome and nourishing breakfast. All the children slept peacefully last night and are fully recharged ready for the exciting day ahead.

After we have packed our luggage and tidied our rooms, we’ve got a final day full of exciting new experiences. Group 1 are experimenting with fire, group 2 are den building and group 3 are mountain biking.

See you all this afternoon!

Thursday 15th March – 9.00pm

Y4C have had an amazing day!

Today, group 1 went mountain biking along the Monsal Trail and then used fantastic teamwork and communication to solve problems and build dens.

Group two ate pop corn around a fire they made themselves and have showed amazing resilience and brilliant attitudes while biking riding.

Group three searched the woods for den building materials and built a den fit for a king! They then solved problems as a team and took part in the first ever mud football World Cup. It was a tense and nail biting match against England and Iceland which ended in a thrilling 6-6 draw. Group three also found out all about the fire triangle and experimented by making their own fires. They worked safely and carefully in pairs making sure their fires had enough fuel, heat and oxygen.

Tea was scrumptious pasta followed by a delicious and moreish flapjack covered in custard.

After tea, all the children went to the climbing wall. They played games and had competitions against each other to see who could complete the most climbing challenges.

All the children are now showered, clean and ready for their hot chocolate before bed. No doubt they’ll all dream of the fabulous day they have had and the amazing memories they have created at Thornbridge!

Thursday 15th March – 8.30am

Y4C are up and raring to go. Everybody slept well and had a great first night. We’ve had a healthy and nutritious breakfast of Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes and toast. Today, will we be splitting up into our daytime groups to tackle challenges including mountain biking, firelighting and den building. It’s currently raining heavily but we are wrapping up warm and are wearing our waterproofs. A bit of rain and mud won’t stop us!!!

Wednesday 14th March – 11.00pm

Y4C have had a great time this evening spending our money in the Thornbridge shop and testing our courage and teamwork skills on the night line! We had a quick hot chocolate in our pjs before settling down for the night. We can’t wait for more fun activities tomorrow.

Wednesday 14th March – 7.00pm

Y4A had a final fun filled day at Thornbridge which included fire lighting, mountain biking and den building. They also helped out by washing wellies and making sure the equipment was ready for the next group.

Y4C arrived safely and have had an amazing time so far. They have worked together as a team to solve problems, find clues and follow a treasure map. After showing determination, lots of perseverance and resilience they used the clues to find the hidden treasure! Rope swings, rock climbs and lots of walking – they should all sleep tonight!!!

All the children settled in nicely and have independently made their own beds.

Tea was delicious and scrumptious fish fingers with a side of peas and wedges. For pudding we ate a mouth watering Swiss roll smothered in custard.

This evening, we are going to the shop to buy souvenirs from our trip followed by a nightline walk in the dark. When we get back we will warm up by drinking hot chocolate and having a biscuit before bed.

Wednesday 14th March – 10.00am

Yesterday was another fabulous day at Thornbridge with all the children showing great team work and cooperation skills. Some of us even cooked our own popcorn!

We had Mr Clayton and the Georgia students visiting us and carrying out the infamous room inspections! The children all had an evening session using the inside climbing wall where they developed their traversing skills.

We have had a busy morning stripping beds and tidying up before starting our last activity.

Tuesday 13th March – 12.00pm

Our wishes came true and we have woken up to sunshine this morning! The boys were awake very early resulting in Miss Oseman and Miss Allott being awake early too!!! The children had a good breakfast before getting kitted out in their waterproofs and wellies ready for a morning of activities. Mrs Smith’s group have built some amazing dens, Miss Oseman’s group are mountain biking with an instructor and Miss Allott’s group are learning survival skills with an instructor.
After lunch, all the groups will swap activities and will look forward to experiencing the inside bouldering wall after tea.


Monday 12th March – 10.00pm

Well, today the rain has not stopped pouring out at Thornbridge but that’s not prevented the Year fours from completing today’s activities!

The children have shown determination and resilience completing the Thornbridge Challenge and exploring the low ropes course. They have been fantastic problem solvers and have worked well in their teams. We hope that you have your washing machines at the ready as the children have been crawling through mole tunnels!

We were all so grateful to Mr & Mrs Brown and Catherine (Mrs Hudson from the school kitchen) for giving up their evening to cook our teas! We were ready for a hot meal to warm us up.

This evening we have been to the shop and we’ve played table tennis, table football and chatted to our friends in the games room. The children are now snuggling down for the night after celebrating Annalise’s birthday with delicious cupcakes washed down with hot chocolate!

Fingers crossed for dry weather tomorrow! Goodnight x

Monday 12th March – 12.00pm

We’ve arrived safely. Just getting settled in before we start activities. A full update will be posted this evening.