Y4 – Thornbridge Blog

Friday 1st April – 9:00am

Good morning world. We’re all up, fed, packed and ready for the last activity before our trip back to school.

We can’t wait to see you all!


Thursday 30th March – 10:00pm

All is very quiet in the Farm House at Thornbridge outdoors. The lights have just been turned off in the bedrooms and we are quickly falling asleep.

We have had an amazing day full of exciting activities. We’ve been riding our mountain bikes up and down the Monsal Trail, we’ve lighting fires and making popcorn, we’ve been building dens to shelter us from ‘buckets’ of water, we’ve been very busy.

Mrs Roddis and the Georgia Southern students came to visit today, which was great. They helped us this evening as we stumbled around the night line course in our blindfolds. We were definitely a bit nervous but we had a great time.

Just before bed we had a lovely hot mug of hot chocolate and a biscuit and we are now tucked up thinking of tomorrow and getting home. We can’t wait to see you all. There’s enough time for just one last awesome activity!


Thursday 30th March – 4:30pm

What a great day we’ve had. The weather was a bit rainy but the sun came out this afternoon and we have been rather hot!

We’re just having some relax time in our rooms until another lovely meal.


Thursday 30th March – 9:15am

The kids are having a great time. We have had mountains od toast and cereal for breakfast and we’ve done well in our room inspection! We are just meeting up before our first activity of the day.


Thursday 30th March – 7:45am

Good Morning everyone. Just to let you know we’ve had a very quiet and restful night. Everyone has slept straight through the night.


Wednesday 29th March – 10:15pm

Everyone is asleep. Good night!


Wednesday 29th March – 7:30pm

We’ve had a great start to our Thornbridge experience. The journey was smooth and enjoyable, and we arrived to see Mr Clayton waiting for us.

We quickly dropped off our bags and went to stores to get our cagoules and wellies. We split into our teams and started our first great activity, low ropes or Thornbridge challenge.

After lunch we swapped over and completed the activity that we hadn’t done yet.

We’ve had our tea and we are now making our beds or going on the climbing wall. One is really hard and the other is great fun. We’ll let you guess which is which!


Wednesday 29th March – 2:00pm

Miss Allott’s class have set off and Mr Clayton’s class have just started their second activity! Everyone is fine.


Wednesday 29th March – 8:00am

Good morning everyone!

What an amazing night’s sleep we got last night. Everyone slept straight through and we REALLY didn’t want to wake up this morning.

We’re just having our breakfast before we pack all our stuff and then complete our final activity.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this afternoon!


Tuesday 28th March – 7:00pm

Hello everyone. We just wanted to check in and tell you that we’ve had an awesome day. The weather has been very kind. Cold this morning but warming up this afternoon and even sunny just before tea!

We have all eaten LOTS of pasta for tea with flapjack and Mr Clayton’s slightly lumpy custard for pudding. YUM!

We are currently having showers; on the climbing wall or playing games in the dining room. We have had such an amazing time but we are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Tuesday 28th March – 1:00pm

We have had a great morning of great activities. 1 group has been building fires and making popcorn. We also had hot chocolate! The other 2 teams have been riding the mountain bikes around the Thornbridge grounds, building dens and working together to succeed at the problem solving activities.

We are just having our dinner before we swap round and try a different activity this afternoon.

We’re having an amazing time!


Tuesday 28th March – 7:45pm

Good Morning world!

Just to let you know that we have had a very quiet and restful night. Most of the children are still asleep!


Monday 27th March – 10:00pm

Well it’s the end of a very long but amazing day.

Our journey to Thornbridge was very smooth and easy. We arrived in good spirits and walked up to the house and Mr Clayton checked in. We then went and dropped our bags off before Peter (our lead instructor) talked to us about why we were here and all the different challenges we might face.

We went to stores and picked up our waterproofs and wellies and started our first activities straight away!

Two groups went on the low ropes, working as teams to get everyone across the different challenges and balancing snooker balls on a tray whilst we did it!

The other team did the Thornbridge challenge which was a number of different small team challenges that we all loved and we earned some stars to buy some clues.

After a lovely dinner time sat in the sun having our sandwiches on the picnic tables, we swapped over our activities and again had a great time.

After all eating an amazing amount of food for our tea, we went out into the darkness and conquered the night line. Wearing blindfolds in the dark whilst walking around a wood is seriously good fun!

We came back to the Farm house and all had a drink and a biscuit before bed.

We are all now asleep. See you in the morning!


Monday 27th March – 6:00pm

Just a quick update to say that we’ve had an amazing day so far. The weather has been amazing and the kids have had a great time doing the Thornbridge Challenge and the low ropes.

We’re just making out beds before a lovely tea.

We will write a proper update when the kids are in bed.


Monday 27th March – 11.00am

Just arrived safely. Full update to follow later…


Good Morning everyone.

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