The Haven Nurture Group

The Haven Nurture Group

Welcome to The Haven nurture group page. We have set up this page for all parents to see what we can provide for children at any point in their school life. If you would like to come and see us and learn more, we are available until 9am every morning and from 3.10pm after school.

Who are we?

The Haven nurture group is an intervention run by 2 full time teaching assistants, Mrs Pasley and Miss Naylor. Our room is based in the old learning centre near the year 4 mobiles. The groups run five mornings Monday to Friday, and four afternoons Monday to Thursday.

In July 2018 we were awarded the Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award for our Nurture group.  This is a very prestigious award that is only given to the best nurture groups around the country.  We are the first school in South Yorkshire to gain this award which is a huge achievement for the children and staff of The Haven.

How do we help our children?

The Haven has two different nurture groups; the morning group and the afternoon group.

The morning group

The morning group’s focus is to build up attention, listening and concentration skills, which we believe are vital building blocks to learning. We do this through short, exciting bursts of learning which are gradually built up to last longer. We also have lots of engaging provision around the room, including board and card games, jigsaws, messy play, art materials, small world, an engaging role play area, a book corner with a listening station and much more! We support children to access this provision so that their concentration and social skills can be built up through play.

We also do lots of language building activities to support children’s language development, and we play lots of games to build on turn taking, sharing and patience. We have breakfast at 9.30am every morning, which consists of toast with either juice or milk, and this furthers the children’s development in language skills (through conversations had at the table and asking for items to be passed around the table), patience , independence (every child has a job everyday!) and engagement in what is going on around them.

The afternoon group

The afternoon group’s focus is building on children’s social skills and emotional awareness, which are skills that help children with understanding their own feelings as well as the feeling of their family, friends and teachers. We teach the children strategies they can use in the playground and classroom to develop confidence and positive friendships, and strategies they can use in order to cope with their own emotions, including anxiety, anger and feeling overwhelmed. We work hard to build up our children’s self-esteem so that they can be confident and resilient learners when in their classrooms. The afternoon group also have access to our continuous provision, which includes board and card games, jigsaws, messy play, art materials, small world, an engaging role play area, a book corner with a listening station and much more! We support the children’s social skill development by showing the children how to cooperate and work together when using this provision.

The afternoon group has a snack around the dining table at 2.20pm, which consists of two biscuits and a choice of orange juice or blackcurrant. This furthers the children’s language development and social skills (through conversations had at the table), as well as patience, independence (every child has a job every day!) and cooperation with others.

What is nurture?

Nurture is a small group intervention which provides lots of opportunities for children to develop skills which they may need support with in a safe, consistent environment. Children come to us for support with many different things; our environment is ideal due to the small number of children and two full time members of staff. This means that we can spend lots of time supporting pupils to develop skills they can use to succeed in the classroom and at home.

These skills include:

. developing attention and concentration;

. speech and language;

. confidence and self-esteem;

. joining in with group activities;

. listening;

. sharing and taking turns;

. friendships and relationships;

. social skills;

. understanding our emotions and how to manage them;

. being resilient and confident learners in the classroom.

Children attend nurture either in the morning or the afternoon, and mostly come every day that we are open, although we do have some children who come for only a few sessions a week, depending on the support they may need. Pupils are collected from their classrooms after registration, return to their classrooms for playtimes so that they can be with their peers, and spend the other half of their day with their class.Once a child has made progress in whichever area they need support with, we reintegrate that child back into their classroom where they can now use their skills to thrive and succeed.

What our room looks like.

The Haven is a safe, comfortable space which mixes both school and home environments to make children feel relaxed and secure. We believe that children learn best when they feel safe and comfortable, which is why we include home furniture, such as the sofas and dining table, and why the children take off their shoes and wear slippers. We have everything in our room which would be found in a typical reception classroom, such as a book corner, role play area, construction and sand/water/messy play. This is so that we can support children to learn skills through play, and these skills can be repeated until the children feel confident to use them in their own classrooms.

How does a child start at The Haven?

Teachers recommend children from their class who they think we could offer support to, and we contact parents with the opportunity to visit the room and speak to us about what they may like their child to get out of their time spent with us. Teachers are also invited to these visits, and they can offer ideas of which skills the child may need to work on to assist their everyday learning. Once there is a place available in the appropriate group (morning or afternoon) and once parents have given their permission, the child can become a member of the group and start attending.

If you have any concerns about your child which you think we might be able to help with, please do speak to your child’s teacher, or else come and see us before or after school. We can be found either in The Haven nurture room, or speak to Mrs Brown/ Mrs Walker in the office who will be able to locate us.

Parent’s comments

‘What a big difference we have seen in our child. The nurture room is a credit to the school. Big thanks to all staff for your support.’ Y1

‘We feel that the nurture room has helped our child with her confidence and she will miss all the staff that has helped her.’ Y3

‘I have been extremely happy with care and attention provided by the nurture staff and found it particularly helpful when they attended at parents evening.

Nurture has been an extremely positive experience for my child, giving her the opportunity to open up and flourish in a neutral environment.

Many thanks for all your hard work and effort.’ Y3

‘We as parents have seen a real positive change in our child since he has been in nurture group. The staff is great and our child loved to go. A real positive for this school.’ Y2

‘Nurture group has had a huge impact on my son’s confidence and self-esteem; he is much happier going to school than he ever used to be. We have also seen a positive improvement in his social skills and interaction with his peers and other children; we strongly believe this is because of the support our child has received in Nurture. We feel lucky to have been offered this extra care and think it’s a BIG benefit to school.’ Y2

‘I can’t thank the staff enough for the help and support they have given to my child during his time in nurture. He is now a different child and it has had a positive effect at school and at home.’ Y1


‘Nurture is lovely. I spent a lot of time there with my child and everything is perfect, very nurturing. The staff are lovely and very helpful. It is a real asset to the whole school.’ Y2


Thank you for visiting our page; we hope we have answered any questions you may have about The Haven nurture groups. If you would like to visit our room or you would like to chat to us about your child or nurture in general, we are available until 9am every morning and from 3.10pm after school. We can be found either in The Haven nurture room, or speak to Mrs Brown/ Mrs Walker in the office who will be able to locate us.